Curbed San Francisco August 14, 2018

In 2018 Curbed San Francisco published an article mapping out the must see public art installations in the city. Several of Brian’s works were featured in the article, among them are his collaboration with Dorka Kheen Language of the Birds and the massive undertaking from 2013 Caruso’s Dream. https://sf.curbed.com/maps/sf-public-art-map
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Language of the Birds – A Must See Public Artwork in San Francisco!

Curbed.com recently published an article that highlights the public sculpture “Language Of The Birds” as one of the must see spots in San Francisco: ” Paying homage to the North Beach neighborhood’s ethnic and literary roots, this permanent sculpture is a small but meaningful (not to mention eye-catching) installation. A collection of books evoke a flock of birds at the northwest corner of Col
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