Goggin is a multi disciplinary artist who has created an interaction with the landscape that surpasses the physical limitations of traditional framed painting and free standing sculpture. Goggin has been creating sculpture, public artwork, and museum and gallery installations utilizing non-traditional locations and varied materials.

He first attracted national attention in 1997 with Defenestration —an NEA funded site-specific sculptural mural on a dilapidated building in San Francisco. “Defenestration”, with its grandfather clock, tables, chairs and couches suspended in flight from the building’s windows, has become an unofficial San Francisco landmark.

In November of 2008 he unveiled “Language of the Birds.” This piece is a sculpted, illuminated flock of twenty-three translucent, suspended open books with bindings positioned to simulate the wings of birds in flight. Attached to light poles by thin stainless steel cables, these books appear to be flying above the plaza. At night the books act as fluctuating lanterns light up by internal solar powered LED lights. Words, taken from books by neighborhood authors or written about the surrounding communities, will be scattered and embedded in the plaza as if the words have fallen from the pages.

Goggin most recently created “Speechless” for the Lafayette Public library in Lafayette, California, among others he has created “Labyrinth” for the Yahoo headquarters in Sunnyvale California, “Samson” for the Sacramento International Airport, “Traffic of Ideas” for the Seattle Arts Commission, and “Herd Morality” for the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.

Goggin studied Literature, and Fine Art at Cambridge University in England, and San Francisco State University

Brian Goggin, an artist of infinite sculptural jest, has left his mark on the West Coast with his whimsical and vibrant layering of found objects and chaos-provoking sculptures.