Goggin is a multi disciplinary artist who has created an interaction with the landscape that surpasses the physical limitations of traditional framed painting and free standing sculpture. Goggin has been creating sculpture, public artwork, and museum and gallery installations utilizing non-traditional locations and varied materials.

He first attracted national attention in 1997 with Defenestration —an NEA funded site-specific sculptural mural on a dilapidated building in San Francisco. “Defenestration”, with its grandfather clock, tables, chairs and couches suspended in flight from the building’s windows, has become an unofficial San Francisco landmark.

In November of 2008 he unveiled “Language of the Birds.” This piece is a sculpted, illuminated flock of twenty-three translucent, suspended open books with bindings positioned to simulate the wings of birds in flight. Attached to light poles by thin stainless steel cables, these books appear to be flying above the plaza. At night the books act as fluctuating lanterns light up by internal solar powered LED lights. Words, taken from books by neighborhood authors or written about the surrounding communities, will be scattered and embedded in the plaza as if the words have fallen from the pages.

Goggin most recently created “Speechless” for the Lafayette Public library in Lafayette, California, among others he has created “Labyrinth” for the Yahoo headquarters in Sunnyvale California, “Samson” for the Sacramento International Airport, “Traffic of Ideas” for the Seattle Arts Commission, and “Herd Morality” for the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.

Brian Goggin, an artist of infinite sculptural jest, has left his mark on the West Coast with his whimsical and vibrant layering of found objects and chaos-provoking sculptures.


Homerton College, Cambridge University, England

California State University San Francisco
Graduated Magna Cum-Laude Bachelor of Fine Arts
Bachelor of Arts, major: English Literature/Creative Writing

Apprentice to the sculptor David Mach.
Constructed sculptural installations in Poland, France, and Great Britain.


Caruso’s Dream A permanent site specific sculpture for Media Gulch in San Francisco
Avalon Bay Developers, BRAF Art Consultants, San Francisco, CA

Lantern Gate  A permanent Site specific Sculpture for the City of Sacramento
Sacramento Arts Commission, Fire Station 43

ICE A permanent site specific Installation
Lower East Side, New York
Private Commission

Preserve24, a site-specific sculptural installation
Lower East Side, New York
Private Commission

Speechless  A permanent site-specific Sculpture
Oakland Art Museum Public Library, Lafayette, CA

The Language of the BirdsA permanent site-specific sculpture
San Francisco Arts Commission Broadway and Columbus Plaza, San Francisco, CA

Traffic of Ideas A permanent site-specific sculpture
Seattle Arts Commission Gateway Sculpture, Seattle, WA

Desire for the Other  A large-scale sculpture
Commissioned by the San Jose Museum of ArtSan Jose Museum of Art , CA

Rungs to Asentient Planes  A temporary public sculpture collaboration with Jonah Roll
Part of the Hearts in San Francisco Project, San Francisco,CA

Labyrinth a permanent site-specific sculpture
Commissioned by Sunnyvale Art Commission
Yahoo! Headquarters, Sunnyvale, CA

Convertibles permanent site-specific sculpture in Willow Oaks Park
Commissioned by Menlo Park Art Commission
Willow Oaks Park,Menlo Park, CA

Herd Instinct permanent site-specific sculpture
Commissioned by BEP-Emeryville, L.P.
Emerytech Building, Emeryville, CA

SubStrada nine permanent site-specific sculptures
Commissioned by the San Francisco Arts Commission
Bernal Heights Bus Bulb Project, San Francisco, CA

“The Ave” Street Design and Public Art Project
Collaborated with the city architect and city planner to redesign a prominent street in the university district of Seattle (University Ave) and incorporate art into all aspects of the design.
Commissioned by he Seattle Arts Commission Seattle, WA

Photogenesis permanent site-specific sculpture
Commissioned by King Count Arts Commission
North SeaTac park, King County, WA

Samson permanent site-specific sculpture
Commissioned by the Sacramento Arts Commission
Sacramento International Airport, CA

Body of Urban Myth permanent site-specific sculpture
Commissioned by the Palo Alto Arts Commission and Harold Holbach
Sheridan Plaza, Palo Alto, CA

Defenestration site-specific sculptural mural
Funded by the NEA, Andy Warhol Foundation, and private funds
6th and Howard, San Francisco, CA

Herd Morality temporary site-specific public sculpture
Commissioned by Center for the Arts
Center for the Arts, Yerba Buena Gardens – San Francisco, CA

Climbing Frenzy temporary site-specific sculpture
Commissioned by San Francisco Art Commission Gallery
San Francisco Art Commission Gallery – San Francisco, CA


SF Weekly awarded “Language f the birds “Best Public Artwork” in San Francisco

Americans For The Arts, recognized the solar powered light based art work “Language of the Birds” as one of America’s Best Public Artworks created in the United States in 2008.

The John D. and Susan P. Diekman Fellowship, Djerassi Resident Artists Program

LEAP Award for excellence in Public art.

Sacramento Bee award for best public artwork in Sacramento for the Samson site-specific sculpture

Bay Guardian Best of the Bay Award: Best Distraction During SOMA Gridlock for Defenestration


Rebecca Goldfarb Fellowship Recipient Djerassi Foundation
Precita Eyes Mural Award: Most innovative mural for “Defenestration“

Bay Guardian Best of the Bay Award: Best Gonzo Art Funk Project for “Defenestration“
Beautification Award for Defenestration: San Francisco Beautiful for “Defenestration“

Cultural Equity Grant Recipient: Funding to create “Metaphorm” a sculptural, seaworthy, interactive, playable acoustic instrument forty-seven feet in length; constructed in the style of a traditional medieval lute. A wooden fishing boat will serve as the rounded base, a decking s a soundboard. Project to be completed by Spring 1998.
NEA Grant Recipient: Funding through New Langton Arts, Artist’s Projects Grant, to create “Defenestration” a grand scale site-specific sculptural mural on the side of a dilapidated multi- story building in San Francisco. Project completed Feb. 1997.

San Francisco Arts Commission Cultural Equity Grant Recipient: Funding to create a large scale, site-specific sculpture in collaboration with 15 inner city, underprivileged, children at Charles Drew Elementary school, San Francisco.

Artist Residencies

Djerassi Resident Artists Program: Artist in residence Award: Residency for the month of June, 2006.

Artist in Residence: Bay Area Discovery Museum: worked with youths to create a fleet of floating sculptures for the San Francisco Bay. Residency from Feb-May 1997.

Djerassi Resident Artists Program: Artist in residence Award: Residency for the month of May 1997.

Artist in Residence/Artist Educator: Stanford University: Sculpture Garden project collaborating with sculptors from Papua New Guinea and Jim Mason.

Artist in Residence: LEAP, Artist in the schools project, residencies in schools throughout the Bay Area including: Oakland, San Carlos, Belmont, Palo Alto and San Francisco.

Artist in Residence: Project Artaud, Artist’s community; San Francisco, CA

Selected Exhibitions

Los Angeles Art Fair for contemporary and new art
Santa Monica Civic Auditorium
Art LA, Los Angeles, CA

“Rungs to Asentient Planes” a temporary public sculpture collaboration with Jonah Roll (Part of the “Hearts in San Francisco” Project, San Francisco,CA)
Group Show: “Domestic Odyssey Show”, San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose, CA
“Desire for the Other” a site-specific sculpture

Group Show: A collection of Djerassi Artist’s pages exhibition, San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery

Group Show: Contemporary Bay Area Surrealists, 111 Minna Street Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Juried Show: “Best of Open Studios” 8th floor Gallery Academy of Art, San Francisco, CA

Two Person show: Sightings Gallery, San Francisco,CA

Metered Growth a Site-Specific Sculpture: Phoenix Motel, San Francisco, CA

Group Show: SOMARTS Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Group show: Figure Five Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Group show: 111 Minna Street Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Two person show: Acme Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Group show: “The Artists of Project Artaud” Southern Exposure Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Kohler & Chase N.Y. as part of show: “Levity Allowed” Artisans Art Gallery; Marin, CA