The City of Petaluma conducts EIR for Brian Goggins “Fine Balance” waterfront sculpture.


In 2018 the SF Gate published an article discussing the controversy about Brian Goggins’s Petaluma installation “Fine Balance”. The bathtub-focused piece is intended as a statement on the balance of Petaluma’s history of counter culture and tradition, however some citizens  (organized as “Citizens Against Tubs on Stilts”) of the town see it as a potential stilted “overbearing backdrop” to craft beer festivals. 

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Coverage of the reveal of Language of the Birds from Brian Goggin and Dorka Kheen. The article showcases the relationship between artist and city and how projects like this come to be. It explores how public art brings together a community through history and art.


An article that discusses the changing landscapes of San Francisco by way of gentrification through the lens of Defenestration, one of Brian’s most well known pieces, being torn down. In the piece Brian discusses how the art scene, as well as the economy, has shifted in San Francisco since Defenestration was  installed back in 1997.


In 2018 Curbed San Francisco published an article mapping out the must see public art installations in the city. Several of Brian’s works were featured in the article, among them are his collaboration with Dorka Kheen Language of the Birds and the massive undertaking from 2013 Caruso’s Dream.


A feature on Brian’s Samson Luggage sculpture that is on display in the Sacramento Airport baggage claim.


An interview with Brian about his beginnings in the art world, his “site specific sculpture” work, and an overview of Brian’s influences and motivations for his work.

An overview of San Francisco’s “Illuminate SF” city wide gallery of light based public installations. Language of the Birds is featured in the top of the piece among other prominent light sculptures throughout San Francisco.


A list of 5 “must see” airport art installations throughout the US features Brian’s work at the Sacramento Airport. The article mentions Brian’s success in competing for the installation in the 1998 Art in Public Places program.


In 2009 the New York Times published an article highlighting the grand opening of the brand new public library in the city of Lafayette, CA. Brian Goggins’ sculpture “Speechless” was commissioned for the main entrance of the library which was unveiled on the same day of its opening.  

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Additionally our friends at Laughing Squid published a wonderful drawing of the sculpture :

A past article that explores a collection of public art works and shines a spotlight to “Samson”, a fun and unique sculpture by Brian Goggin at Sacramento International Airport.

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An article that references Brian Goggin’s “Herd Instinct” while discussing the intersection between San Francisco’s developers and public artworks.

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Preserve 24 was an immersive art installation woven together with a unique dining experience. It was located on 1st Avenue and Houston in NYC and  was developed over a period of several years by Brian Goggin and his team.

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KQED-Illuminated Art of SF


Brian Goggin: Valencia Streetscape Project

Curbed.com recently published an article that highlights the public sculpture “Language Of The Birds” as one of the must see spots in San Francisco:

” Paying homage to the North Beach neighborhood’s ethnic and literary roots, this permanent sculpture is a small but meaningful (not to mention eye-catching) installation. A collection of books evoke a flock of birds at the northwest corner of Columbus Avenue and Broadway, suspended above a plaza embossed with words in English, Italian, and Chinese — the languages spoken by many of the area’s residents. The words themselves are a nod to various literary luminaries tied to North Beach, and the illuminations are offset by a solar power collaboration with City Lights, a bookstore known for its focus on progressive politics across the street. ”

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 SFist author Jack Morse recently wrote an article exploring the scope of sculptural works and creative processes of Brian Goggin.
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A wonderful article, written by Cynthia Stone, was published at KQED  about the recent installation of Meghalaya in Sacramento, CA:

Meet Brian Goggin, Gatekeeper of Your Impossible Dreams



Brian Goggin – Language of the Birds

SF Gate recently published a wonderful article showcasing Language of the Birds and Caruso’s Dream. Both pieces are a part of the ongoing Illuminate SF Public Light Art Event which is celebrating its third year!


Illuminate SF Festival of Light: 6 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 10. Free!.

Federal Building, 90 Seventh St.

Subsequent tours are Friday, Dec. 11 and Dec. 17 and 20.

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“As a center for creativity, innovation and invention, San Francisco has attracted the world’s most notable light artists like, well, moths to a flame. This year, from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day, the city’s third annual Illuminate SF Festival of Light shines a light on 27 dramatic, eco-friendly light art installations — accessible by public transit and admission free.”

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Dear Friends,

I would like to invite you to participate in a happening beyond the pale.

Join us for our unveiling of “And My Room Still Rocked Like a Boat on the Sea — Caruso’s Dream.”

When: Sunday February 23rd at 5:45

Where: 55 9th St. San Francisco

Bring: an FM radio, and a mask.

Below find the invitation poster with all the pertinent information you may require to feel suitably prepared.

Feel free to pass this invitation on to like-minded Neo-Dadaists!

No need to RSVP, just come!


Brian Goggin

carusoinvite-front 00

carusoinvite-back 00

Caruso’s Dream

by Brian Goggin with Dorka Keehn and Team