(Permanent site-specific sculpture for the Sacramento International Airport)

“SAMSON” is two 23-foot tall pillars constructed of over 700 pieces of refurbished luggage dating from the conceptual genesis of the airplane to the present. At the base of the towers of luggage are large carts, designed to emulate the luggage carts that are used by personnel to haul suitcases from the airport to the airplane. To the disoriented traveler, the proliferation of baggage is toweringly awesome.

Visually, the baggage supports the airport ceiling, just as the travelers who use the airport metaphorically support the space itself. If the carts were to move, the roof itself might come tumbling down.

Through luggage, we can see portraits of former travelers, the unique qualities of the bags seemingly imbued with aspects of their former owners’ personalities. One is invited to imagine the objects’ hidden stories, how their owners packed belongings, the travels they might have taken together. The simple act of looking becomes a point of departure for the imagination.