Preserve24 is an immersive, multi-disciplinary art installation of an expedition society headquarters responsible for launching an art expedition to Greenland to carve-out, by hand, and extract from an iceberg, transport and preserve an ancient piece of glacial icefor future generations in a sculptural freezer.

    Climbing Frenzy
    Climbing Frenzy

    It’s a social club built out of up-cycled materials from boats to instruments. The stuff people would cast aside as they venture deeper on their expedition. It’s a sitting room with creative local, sustainable creatively related food and warm atmosphere where artistic, ambitious ideas are nurtured and where patrons become participants in the Preserve24 Expedition Society designed by Artist Brian Goggin, and built with his collaborator Artist Peter Cole and a team of artists and craftspeople.

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    The result is a Lower East Side story of grand scale, innovative creativity with sustainable, ethically responsible methodology.

    The elements of Preserve24  is constructed out of up-cycled, re-crafted and found materials and objects that relate to the theme of the ICE expedition to Greenland, and to the history of Manhattan as a port, trading post and center of culture. Up-cycled items shall include pianos, boats, doors, Victorian furniture, salvaged wood, ice box doors and latches, clocks etc. As you move through Preserve24 you experience an exploration.

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