Kohler & Chase

Kohler & Chase

New York


(Installed at the Djerassi Artist residency 2007)

The fusion of two disparate and yet optically consonant objects, here hinging on the insignia “KOHLER & CHASE” NEW YORK provides at once the origin of the instrument and the stern of the vessel. This is the point of convergence where life passes between, and for this moment, unites, two distinct yet not entirely dissimilar objects. The piano and the boat occupy two conceptual planes, however, they are metonymically connected. Where they meet, both of them lose their functionality. This work serves, neither as piano nor as boat. For the sake of the boat, the piano has forfeited its harp; for the sake of the piano, the boat has relinquished its hull and therewith its seaworthiness. Floating in a rolling hill, however impractical, this amalgam of musical instrument and seagoing vessel sails on.