Herd Instinct

herd instinct

Herd Instinct


(Site-specific installation for Emerytech, 1400 65th St. Emeryville, CA USA)

Twelve bronze tables: pieces of furniture to be used to eat from, to read at, leave stains and books on, to meet around, associated generally with the domestic homestead. The tables have turned.

They have made their escape. They run together, nomads, like a herd of pronghorn antelope suddenly thrust onto unfamiliar urban plains, they careen off the sides of the building, bounding from one roof to another, down to and across the courtyard below. The artwork alludes to the fundamental uncontrollability of nature in an urban setting: how people, objects and environment, regardless of construct and status, inevitably and intrinsically are tied to the mysterious, the chaotic and the organic. Here barriers drop between people and things, objects and intentions.