Desire for the Other


On view: February 3, 2012 through July 8, 2012 at the San Jose Museum of Art.

This project was sculpted by Brian Goggin with Al Honig and Tom Kennedy. It is part of the San Jose Museum of Art permanent collection.

It’s a pandemoniacal moment, bounding off the floor, an amiable enough, elongated, many legged, yet crapulous couch wraps its craning ends bulbous pillows around an under stuffed rather intellectual reading chair. Not for osculation, but for silencing consumption. An armor of orange upholstery stretches tight, seams strained, over previously pillow-gummed furniture, constrained inside the padded peptic tract but not yet dissolved, a table, a television, a lamp, and a telephone, thrust their extremities out, unlikely tent poles making fabric braille, caught in the couches duodenum. Black belly arching, red legs clambering, it peers your way.