Project Restore Defenestration

After 13 years the Defenestration Project was in need of a Refurbistration. The restoration process was extensive and turned out to need significant investment in materials, equipment rentals and local artist labor. It took a year, considerable support, and the help of numerous people, organizations and businesses. Here is a list of those who helped with the Refurbistration (if we have forgotten anyone please let us know by emailing us at: info@metaphorm.org). There are many others who contributed in many ways and we are grateful to them all. In many cases, some of those who volunteered their time to help build the piece fourteen years ago were back working together on the restoration. Without the funding that came from generous donations we would not have been able to complete the project. We hope you have a chance to visit Defenestration again and see the result of our mutual effort. The lights are shining again after dusk.

Refurbistration Credits:

Artist: Brian Goggin

Producer: Jeremy Sugerman

Engineering: Mark Sinclair, Degenkolb Engineers

Rigging Consultant: John Law

Project Manager for Fundraiser: Carrie Nardello

Lead Refurbistrators:

Moses Grubb, Matthew Johnston, Valery Leavy, Catherine Morgan, Dan Raimond


Allison ‘Sandwich’ Barden, Lady Bee, Bigdaddy, Paula Blacona, Shane Clark, Charmaine Davis, Chris Edmunds, Patrick Goggin, Christine Heath, Scott Klemmer, Walter Laing, Loid Mongoloid, Andy Moraga, Geoff Morris, Melinda ‘Jade’ Palasek, Morgan Raimond, Laird Rickard, Jonah Roll, Dennise Romay, Dan Romo, Lucila la García Sáez, Bobby Sarnoff, Brian Saxsenmeier, Free Stevenson, Flash Hopkins, Shalaco Sching, John Voldal, Bryon Waibel, August Wood, Stephanos X

Major Sponsors:

Banksy, Boedecker Foundation, Tom and Karen Mulvaney, and Anonymous

Sponsors of individual pieces:

Brandi Brooks – Toaster Katherine Connally – Telephone Thomas Oneill – Fan Bobby Sarnoff – Table with Telephone Jane Weil – Heater

Additional sponsors:

BRAF, City Paints, Mike Farrah, David Holland, Jill Quick, Lloyd Whittaker/musicfilm, and hundreds of other donors of between $1-$500…(we are still compiling this list and should have a comprehensive list soon. Thank you for your patience.)

Thank you:

1am Gallery, Florencia Aleman, Project Artaud, Andrea Armeni, Scott Beale, Brianna Boedecker, Jeff Bunschu, Roman Cesario, Paul Cesewski, Simone Davalos, Mike Farrah,

Anna Fitch, Gianlucca Francese, Robin Frohardt, Patrick Goggin, Karl Gillick, Ann Hallatt, Freddy Hanne, Harrison and Bonini, Ed Holmes, Christina Harbridge, Laura Kimpton, Laughing Squid, Mikel M, Pierre Merkl III, Madison Moorhead, Thomas McCabe, Dugan R Murray, Ouchie the Clown, Christina Pettigrew, Chicken John, Dorka Keehn, Jay Kravitz, Rick Quisol, Steven Raspa, Antonio Rivera, Linda Robertson, Kathy Rosner, San Francisco Art Commission, San Francisco Redevlopment Agency, David Sheare, Natalia Villalobos, Mr. Wa, Pillar Woodman, Wrybread and the FotoBoof

Defenestration and the Community:

“Defenestration” has served San Francisco and the neighborhood. First it brought a whole community together and inspired them to rise together to overcome incredible difficulties to create it. Then it brought needed attention to one of the most blighted neighborhoods in San Francisco. Since its installation, it has been recognized by press from around the world, won numerous awards including one from San Francisco Beautiful. An art gallery has opened across the street and several neighboring buildings have been upgraded or replaced. A good case could be made that Defenestration was a turning point for a neighborhood – and an example for others who seeks ways to inspire positive change.

John Voldal, one of the members of the local community who originally helped Goggin create the piece writes: “Defenestration shows every sign of withstanding the test of time and is no less relevant or interesting than it was on the day it was completed. In a town famous for short attention spans, people’s enthusiasm for this piece has only grown over the years. Everyone loves Defenestration. It’s one of the things that make us glad we live in San Francisco, and makes visitors glad they came. Its good for San Francisco, and it should be preserved.”

Redevelopment plans:

The San Francisco Redevelopment Agency has sellected a developer to build low income housing on the site. The Agency has agreed to keep Defenestration up until construction on site is ready to proceed.

Defenestration Sponsorship:

The Defenestration sculptural installation was originally made possible with the help of over 100 volunteers, donations from many local businesses and through funding from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Presenting and Commissioning Program, The Rockefeller Foundation, The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, the San Francisco Publicity and Advertising Fund’s Hotel Tax/Grants for the Arts, and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. This program is administered by New Langton Arts. These grants support projects which push the boundaries of contemporary art, challenge traditional formats and reflect the cultural and aesthetic diversity of the San Francisco Bay Area. In Kind contributors include: Degenkolb Engineers, Gregory Paul Wallace Engineers, Standard Plumbing and Hardware, Littmann Educational Fund, Harrison and Bonini, Future Farmer Design, Douglass and Sturgess, Cole Hardware, Cell

Space, Bayshore Metals, All-Right Sign Company, Bruce Shirley, Melting Point Gallery, Red Nose Unlimited, Stinkfish Printing.


Winner of a San Francisco Beautiful Award – 1997 Winner of The Guardian best of the Bay, Best Art Funk Project – 1997-99 Winner of best Mural Precita Eyes Mural Awards 1997 Winner of SF Weekly, Best Sculptural Mural – 1997

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